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What we do at Nicks Roofing.

Most work can be completed on the same day if  you have booked in a gutter cleaning service with us. Don’t risk your safety by attempting any roofing or gutter cleaning yourself. Nick’s Roofing are fully equipped to perform these repairs safely. Contact us to enquire or call Nick on 0420 886 507

Roof & Gutter Repairs Melbourne
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Roof Restoration

The roof restoration process consists of pressure cleaning the roof, Re-bedding and Pointing, replacement of broken tiles, gutter cleaning and the application of the 3 coat paint system.

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Pressure Cleaning

A high powered petrol pressure cleaner is used to remove moss that grows on tiles and grime to give the roof a new look

Roof Pointing

The pointing process is the application of a product that is designed to flex and move with the shift in the roof which seals the cement after Re-bedding the ridge capping, which comes with a 12 year warranty

Gutter Cleaning

Removing leaves and built up debris and ensuring down pipes are clean and flowing.

Valley Iron Replacement

Valley irons get to a point where they need replacing due to rust, and often cause leaking due to the deterioration of the valley iron.

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Leak Detection

After years of experience there aren't too many leaks that cannot be explained

Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashings get to a point where they need to be replaced due to rusting and deterioration and can often cause leaking.

Roof Re-Bedding

The Re-bedding process is where the old cement that holds up the ridge capping is removed and replaced with new cement.

Roof De-mossing

This is the removal of moss build up on tiles, I use a high powered pressure cleaner to remove the moss, we do not use chemicals.